When Life Resets The Starting Line Of Your Life

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Starting over is the worst! As we look at our world today, we can see the remnants of things that have collapsed and need to be rebuilt. Economies have bottomed out; career paths have been altered and the way we receive an education has switched gears. Many things we have relied upon for safety and security have become obsolete.

Have you ever had to start over in your life? Are you familiar with the feelings of shame and disappointment which come when a part of your life falls apart? Have you experienced the emotions of loss and grief that occur when something you relied upon fails and leaves you standing alone?

In my life’s journey, I’ve experienced these emotions and many others. I’ve had to start over at the most inconvenient times and under the worst possible circumstances. It’s very painful and unpleasant to believe that you have made progress in your life only to discover that you will need to start over. Take it from someone who has lived to tell this story…. “Starting over can be a blessing in disguise.”

Life Is A Relay Not A Sprint

Life is very similar to a track race. We have been socialized to believe that life is a sprint. We have to hurry to achieve our goals or start a particular business before our competition does. We have been convinced that time is running out, so we stress ourselves out in an effort to compete and remain relevant. Through observation and experience, I’ve learned that life is more of a relay race rather than a sprint.

A sprint is a very short race. The runner approaches the starting block and stays in their own lane. Once the race has started, the runner takes a burst of energy and tries to reach the finish line first. The problem with approaching life as a sprint is that important details get overlooked in your planning as you try to hurry up and win. You will have many false starts and life will throw obstacles at you which will invariably slow you down or take you out of the race.

 A relay race is a longer race that has various stages. A runner is designated to run their leg of the race to a certain point and then hand the baton off to the next runner in line. If you can compare this type of race to life, you can see a few benefits. First, you will realize that life has different stages. There are times and seasons of life where things work very well. Other times you start strong, you get very close to the finish line or your goals and dreams but then…BAM… you trip and fall on your face. Once you accept the fact that there are stages to your life’s journey, you can be assured that if you fall, there is time to pick yourself up, dust off, and start again.

New Starting Line = A New, More Efficient Opportunity to Win 

If your race has come to a screeching halt and you find yourself needing to re-access things and start over, here are a few keys that will make your re-start a successful endeavor…

Let Go of The Weight 

What things may be slowing you down? Unproductive habits, limiting mindsets, poor attitudes, and situations that don’t serve you may have bogged you down and tripped you up. Identify areas in your life where you have weights and let them go.

Learn from Your Mistakes

Have you taken a moment to ask yourself why you may have fallen down? Take a moment and discover the contributing factors which led you to where you are. Once you have identified these culprits, you are better equipped to harness your strength and prepare to start over. The past is a teacher…not a prison.

Listen to Your Intuition

We’ve all had moments where our minds were leading us in one direction, but our heart was sending us signals to avoid the path we are pursuing. After a very arduous and exhausting sprint, we discover that we should have listened to our heart’s warning. Our intuition always knows best. Learn to never ignore it and to flow with it.

Leap Towards the Starting Line

Starting over can be the best thing that happens to you. You will discover that there can be more happiness, wealth, health, and peace if you learn to embrace a new start as a friend, let go of the things that trip you up, and follow your heart which will help you to navigate your way along the path. Finish your race!

About The Author

Melvin D Nix is a spiritual teacher, author, and motivational speaker. He currently hosts a weekly broadcast called “Putting On The Pneu You” (pronounced New You) where he teaches how to apply universal spiritual concepts and principles in an easy to understand format so anyone can apply them and see tangible results in their daily lives. PneuYou.com

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