How To Build A Life That Supports Your Destiny

Is Your Foundation Strong Enough? – Pneu You

What’s Supporting You?

In terms of your life, how strong is your foundation? Are you prepared to withstand the storms of life, the test of time, and the winds of change? If trying times and disastrous circumstances have arrived in your life, it’s time to fortify your foundation.

Concrete Vs Sand?

Have you ever build a sandcastle? It’s a fun summer activity when you’re spending time at the beach. You may spend several hours carrying buckets of water, carving shapes and patterns as well as packing the sand as tightly as possible. The unfortunate thing is, the tide will rise in the evening and wash away everything you’ve built.

Is your life built on temporary things? What have you spent years implementing in your career or business that looked promising but only lasted for a time? When you haven’t made sure to build your life around your purpose, it’s like building your hopes, aspirations, and achievements out of the sand. They won’t last and will be washed away.

Living your life according to your purpose is like building a structure on concrete. Concrete is made out of a mixture of items that allow it to bind together, harden and become impenetrable. Your life’s purpose contains elements from within you that when brought together, will allow you to not only be effective but will render you unstoppable.

The Bigger Your Purpose The Deeper You Must Dig Within

The tallest structures in the world withstand high-level winds, earthquakes, and storms. The reason why it’s possible is that tall buildings have a foundation that goes 100ft or more beneath the earth. In terms of your life, how big is your vision? Will your purpose affect the lives of thousands of people? If so, you have to be prepared to shift and pivot during times of crisis.

The 4 Pillars That Support Your Purpose

Stable objects usually are supported by four columns or pillars. Let’s discuss the 4 Pillars that support your purpose.

Pillar 1: Self-Awareness
Who are you? Are you a product of intentional design based on the desires of your heart? Take the time to observe your daily habits, your character under pressure, and your thought patterns. How you show up in life and how you respond is stored deep within and is automatic. Becoming self-aware allows you to discover the difference between who you have learned to be and your potential.

Pillar 2: Self-Knowledge
What are you capable of becoming? Are you aware of the talents and skills that lie dormant and undeveloped within? Knowing who you are will remove the lid that has been blocking your mind and clear your vision. You may be in a career that has nothing to do with your purpose. You have learned skills and perform duties that pay you but frustrate your life. Tapping into your purpose facilitates the cultivation of your natural abilities which elevate your life when utilized. Get to know yourself!

Pillar 3: Self-Discipline
Have you developed habits and a mindset that allows you to track your progress? Self-discipline allows you to map out the plan for your life based on the blueprint in your heart. You will be able to set deadlines, change your approach, and pivot when necessary. All of your actions must be very intentional in order to fulfill your purpose. Self-discipline will assist you in the development of a sustainable strategy and ensure that your actions are moving you where you desire to be.

Pillar 4: Self-Motivation
Are you enthusiastic about where you are headed? Are you receiving the support of family and friends in your endeavors? If not, self-motivation is what will be your ally. There are times that you may have to stand alone when following the dream in your heart. When times are difficult and the fog of life is blinding you from seeing results, you must be motivated to persist. Your life’s purpose is inundated with a burning desire and passion which will fuel you and help you to not quit. When you continue to move towards your life’s mission with a burning desire, you will flow with the changes of life but you will continue to make progress. Self-motivation is critical to attainment.

Digging deep within yourself and building your life around these pillars will allow you to build your life on a strong foundation which will help you to continue to stand and endure in spite of what comes against you. Stand strong!

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