Nourishment or Neglect? It’s All About Where You Are Planted

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How Our Lives Resemble That Of A Tree

Did you know that you and I  function similarly to trees? Trees are a wonderful gift that nature has given us. When we observe them, we admire their beauty and magnificence. They have provided protection, shelter, and food for mankind since we’ve been on our planet. When you look into the life of a tree, you can learn some amazing lessons from them. 

For example, trees establish a network of communication whereby they behave as a community. They grow in such a way that they share sunlight and they are very dependent upon each other. Science has found that when sick or younger trees are developing in the forest, the stronger trees in the community bond together and send nutrients via the root system network. Trees also form alliances with trees of similar species that are in their environment.

Most of what we notice about a tree is above the surface where they’re planted. We only see its crown of leaves, the trunk, and the fruit it yields. However, some of the most important life-sustaining events occur beneath the soil.   

When we endeavor to grow and change our life’s circumstances, oftentimes we only work with what we see on the surface. We deal with the effects rather than the cause. We tend to never pluck up the root of the thing that is growing problems in our lives. Until we learn to get the root of the matters in our lives (all pun intended), we can never truly experience sustainable growth and success.

Where Are You Rooted And Grounded?

Take a moment and look at the above image. Do you see how the roots are tangled, overlapping, and living above the surface of the soil? I had a tree in my own backyard that had to be removed because the root system was similar to the one in this image and it was cracking the foundation of my home. The way in which the tree was planted, allowed for it to be disconnected from other trees and it never got proper sunlight and nutrients from the soil. As a result, it had to be removed.

The soil in which a tree is planted is vital to the tree’s quality of life. Good soil allows the tree to be stable and acts as a support mechanism for the tree’s existence.  The tree’s root system acts as a channel that supplies water, air, and nutrients from the earth directly to the tree. If a tree’s root system starts to grow in this fashion, it’s because the tree is searching for its source of sustenance. This pattern also indicates that the tree is experiencing stress. If left untreated, it makes the tree sick and could potentially kill the tree.

I’d like for you to take a moment and think about your life and the environment in which you live. Is the environment in your life giving you the support and stability that you need in order to grow and flourish? If not, it’s time to replant yourself!

The Results Of Having A Good Foundation

When you are in an environment that supports your life, the following are benefits that you will immediately notice:

You Will Develop Stability

When the winds and the storms of life come your way, you will be stable. The ability to stand firm allows you to be unmovable and will give you the strength to endure whatever you may face. Many times in my own life, I’ve been in the wrong environment, had the wrong people around me and when turbulent times came my way, I was shaken and sometimes blown over.

I’ve lost many things and been severely affected by not being able to stand. It wasn’t until I took a look at where I was planted and made a decision to change my environment that I was able to consistently stand strong. Be willing to move and cut away things, people, and environments that no longer support or sustain you. It may hurt for a season but in time you will become stronger.

You Will Be Replenished Enough To Assist Others In Need

You can’t help others until you are thoroughly replenished. When you are receiving adequate nourishment into your being, you have an overflow whereby others may draw inspiration, encouragement, and strength. You become a beacon of hope in times of trouble that others can look to and receive nourishment in their time of need. You are able to stand strong against the winds of change.

You Will Flourish In The Right Season

When all the conditions for your growth are in place, you will flourish. Opportunities for success and prosperity will surround you. You will have everything you need in order to grow into your life’s purpose and you will find fulfillment. Plant yourself in the right environment, allow your roots to take hold, and establish a firm foundation for your life which nourishes and supports you! 

If you’ve enjoyed this post, below is a brief teaching that I believe will aid you further in getting rooted and grounded!

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