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The times in which we live are making it more difficult for us as a collective to see. The problems we face in the world today are growing exponentially and as we observe them they are surrounding us and making it harder to find hope. There is a constant stream of shortage, sickness, racial tensions, and fear that is being fed to us no matter where we turn. In spite of the events that are surrounding us, there is always an opportunity to seize hope and peace of mind. In order to find our way, we must develop clarity of vision.

Seeing Through The Fog

Fog is a very disruptive element in our lives when we are trying to navigate any path. It blinds us to our surroundings, it slows down our journey as we wait for it to dissipate and it prohibits us from moving at the pace we’d prefer. When you don’t have clarity of vision, life is like a very dense fog that settles on top of us and it permeates our surroundings. We get engulfed in our problems, it causes our attitudes to shift in a negative way and we find ourselves making a lot of detours instead of moving directly towards our life’s goals and dreams.

The Importance Of Having A Vision

In order to move in any direction, we must know where we are going, how we will get there and be able to recognize when we have arrived. When we develop a vision for ourselves, it enables us to align with our life’s purpose and equips us to make the proper adjustments to be able to properly navigate the journey. It’s a process of inner discovery that each of us must undertake in order to realize the life we desire.

When we don’t have a vision for ourselves, we are exposed to whatever life brings our way and we have a tendency to attach ourselves to someone else’s aspirations and dreams rather than fulfilling our own. Often we become blinded by what is going on around us and we live on autopilot. Instead of seeing the solutions we can bring to the things that trouble us, we succumb and become victims of circumstance.

We are all here with a purpose to fulfill. We are all born for a reason and we come equipped with talents, skills, and the ability to solve problems in a unique way. The issue is that most of us never come to this realization and we fail to get on the path to discovering our life’s mission. If we connect to our purpose, we can become a solution to removing the fog and providing clarity for ourselves and others. Making this connection enables us to develop a crystal clear vision.

Insight Before Clear Sight

To begin the process of discovering our purpose and developing a vision, we must have insight. Insight is the ability to gain an accurate and intuitive understanding of a situation. To get insight, we must look within instead of outside ourselves. We must remove our attention and observation from external circumstances, quiet our minds from the constant negative stream, and reflect on what we sense on the inside. I firmly believe we are spiritual beings connected to the universe which has a nature to create and give life. Like any seed, we contain within us every resource we need in order to grow and develop into what we are meant to become. To facilitate growth, we must plant a seed in fertile soil and give it the proper environment and nourishment that will sustain the plant’s ability to survive and thrive. 

In order to facilitate growth within ourselves, we must follow the same process. Once we set our focus within, our vision becomes clearer.

Adjust Your Vision With Foresight

Once you look within, you will begin to see the things that resonate with your life’s meaning. You will discover desires you have buried, goals you pushed aside, and plans you never allowed to take off. Looking within will rekindle the dreams that are meant for you and give you inspiration to pursue them. After you reconnect with the thoughts, intuitions, and the desires within, you will begin to have foresight. 

Foresight enables you to see into the future, giving you the ability to take the necessary steps towards your vision. You will notice intuitive hints which provide a course of action you can take to get ahead. When we are blinded by the fog of life, we don’t know what we need to do and instead of making decisions, we become stuck and immobile. We lose our confidence and become reliant upon the guidance of others to help us find our way. There isn’t anything wrong with relying on others for assistance but in the journey of our individual lives, we need to be the ones with our hands on the steering wheel rather than a passenger. Foresight will provide further clarity, focus, and guidance on the path towards our purpose.

Remove Hindsight To See Ahead

A car has rear view mirrors that allow us to safely make adjustments when we are on the highway. They keep us from creating an accident by allowing us to see what might be around us and allow us to discern when it’s safe to switch lanes. In terms of our lives, we should only look behind us in an effort to learn from the past. In our past, we may have made improper choices, produced failure in our efforts or we may have become stagnant instead of making the changes necessary to move forward. 

To develop a clear vision, it’s vital to only look to the past for guidance and instructions that can allow you to make proper decisions moving ahead. Allow those moments to be brief reflections you glean insight from and adjust yourself accordingly. As you craft out your vision, make a mental note of the things that helped you move forward in past situations but also remember the things that hindered you, and avoid them at all costs.

If you stay focused on what’s behind you, you can never move forward and you set yourself up for creating major accidents! Look within, gain clarity of vision, and move forward through the fog to a bright future.

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Melvin D Nix is a spiritual teacher, author, and motivational speaker. He currently hosts a weekly broadcast called “Putting On The Pneu You” (pronounced New You) where he teaches how to apply universal spiritual concepts and principles in an easy to understand format so anyone can apply them and see tangible results in their daily lives.

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