How Do You Re – Present Yourself to You?

How Do You See YOU?- Pneu You

It’s Time For Personal Reflection

I spend a lot of time reflecting. It’s become a way for me to observe my life, course correct my actions, and find personal healing. What I’ve discovered is that a lot can be revealed to you when you start to observe the many layers of life as well as the results that are present. When you contemplate making a change in your life, it is amazing what input you can receive from yourself when you take note of your thoughts, your internal dialogue, and your words. The way in which we represent ourselves to ourselves is the driving force behind everything we do, how we react or respond to situations and how we make our decisions.

Who Do You See In Your Internal Mirror?

We all have an inner mirror. It is composed of our self-reflection and personal thoughts. The unfortunate thing is that the image we see internally isn’t an accurate representation of who we are. For example, who we’ve come to know as our authentic self is made up of information that was given to us. It’s a reflection of the perception of others. You may have started out in life with huge dreams and aspirations but you made the mistake of revealing your heart to the wrong people. When they heard of your dreams, they may have told you that you aren’t good enough, smart enough, or capable of achieving them. They sowed a seed of doubt and unbelief in you based upon their own limitations and lack of drive. Once this occurred, it caused you to see yourself in light of their perceptions and beliefs rather than the truth. 

Often seeds of doubt are able to take root in us because the people who sowed them into our hearts were people we loved and trusted. Those individuals may have had good intentions, however, their words and actions created a lid over your potential. Once you allow the suggestions of others to take root within, it’s difficult to see yourself in a different way. When you think of the quality of life you want, the image of their doubt overshadows your beliefs and you begin to reflect their words back to yourself and your inner image of YOU becomes distorted like looking through a funhouse mirror. It may look like you but it’s not an accurate representation. 

Your Inner Recorder Is Always Capturing Information

  • They Are Unexpected

The power of suggestion is very real. We are surrounded by things that are feeding us suggestions 24/7. We are bombarded by information that tells us how inadequate we are. What a lot of us don’t understand is that if we aren’t intentional about what we allow into our consciousness, we are receiving erroneous data and storing it within ourselves.  We allow fear and other negative emotions to drown our progress and keep us from moving towards what we truly desire. 

What has been stored within us is always recalled when we face a difficult situation. When trying times come our way, instead of rising to the challenge with faith and courage, we shrink away and surrender because we never plucked up those seeds sown by others. Many times we don’t understand this dynamic because we never knew that we are constantly receiving information at a subconscious level. If left unchecked, the suggestions will reshape and mold our beliefs in a way that is contrary to who we actually are. This usually creates internal conflicts because our hearts are engaging in a battle with misinformation. We fundamentally know what we are capable of achieving but we have taken on a lesser role in our minds and usually, we back away due to fear.

Your Inner Dialogue Is Always Speaking

Think of the last time you wanted to make a lasting and impactful change. You may have started out strong and committed but over time you completely lost interest and quit. What were the thoughts that came to mind? How did you see yourself when you thought of the actions you would take? What words did you speak to yourself when you thought of moving in the direction towards it? What we say to ourselves is more powerful than anything someone else says to us but we have to work with this principle.

When was the last time you told yourself how beautiful you are? When you had to work on a difficult project, did you see yourself as the solution to the problem or did you yield to someone else who you knew wasn’t as capable as you were to resolve the issues? We must understand that who we have come to know as ourselves could be a misrepresentation that was created from our parents, environment, religion, and other external factors. It takes a commitment to self-analysis to determine if the beliefs you carry within are even yours. 

Change Your Filter

In order to reverse the tainted image of you, there has to be a time of reflection, redirection, and renewal that occurs within. You must become very intentional about life and what you allow into your heart. Internal beliefs shape and fashion our destiny. Time must be spent observing your thoughts and internal representations with the intent to remove and replace any information that doesn’t resonate with who you know you are. The world can’t tell you who you are, you must know yourself and make sure your internal image, dialogue, and actions are in alignment. If you believe YOU can or can’t achieve something, in either instance you are right!

About The Author

Melvin D Nix is a spiritual teacher, author, and motivational speaker. He currently hosts a weekly broadcast called “Putting On The Pneu You” (pronounced New You) where he teaches how to apply universal spiritual concepts and principles in an easy to understand format so anyone can apply them and see tangible results in their daily lives.

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